Lance Starr


Field Researcher

Middle to Upper Middle Class

Contacts and Connections:
Other scholars in your field, grant foundations, news media, foriegn government officials, corporate sponsors, patrons.

Accounting, Bargain, Climb, Credit Rating, First Aid, Jump, Library Use, Other Language (Egyptian), Persuade, and three fields of study

+2 EDU and +1 CON, add 20 bonus points to Credit Rating.


A leading professor at Miskatonic University, Dr. Starr hates being behind his desk and prefers to be in the field at the forefront of the golden age of rediscovery. Anxious to be the man who discovers the next Tomb of Tutankhamen, he will jump at the chance to uncover the past. He’s in it as much for the adventure and challenge as the fame and fortune that will most certainly come with it.

Lance Starr

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