Eric Swanson


Aspiring Actor

Pauper to Wealthy

Contacts and Connections:
The film industry, newspaper critics, organized crime, actors guild

Art, Bargain, Disguise, English, Fast Talk, Persuade, Psychology

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Eric sees himself as a leading man from the blossoming silent film industry. He’s starred alongside Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Douglas Fairbanks, and Lon Chaney (or so he claims). Actually, he’s served as extras, stand-ins, and stunt doubles. He thought he caught his “big break” when an unknown studio hired him on to be the lead in such movies as “The Four Riflemen,” “Rogue of Sherwood Grove,” and “The Bandit of Arabia.” These movies, thinly disguised remakes of recent blockbusters, were quickly pulled from theaters and the studio that made them closed under the weight of heavy lawsuits.

The movies garnered Eric a little fame and illustrated his acting talent, though this was balanced by the black mark of being associated as the face of the studio’s remakes. This has put Eric right back where he started a few years ago: working as an extra, double or stand in and trying to break out again on his own. But the movie industry has a short memory, and with with the rise of “talkies” many of the established actors are quickly fading; nothing is holding Eric back other than the right opportunity for a breakout role.

Eric Swanson

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