People of the Monolith

Language: English
Time to Read: 1 week

Physical Description:
White leather, 6¼” x 10½”; 104 pages, title on cover page. This slim volume looks to have been hand-crafted with an eye towards quality bordering on opulence. The pages and leather cover are excellently hand-stitched and the paper used is top quality. The pages themselves were printed as individual lithographic plates, that is to say, etched on plates rather than with a regular movable-type press. Every page has elaborate geometrical designs along the boarder; there is no artwork as such, save for grotesques incorporated into the first letter of each poem.

The most striking feature of the book is the unusual medallion on the front cover. It appears to be a very thin slice of some sort of polished translucent rock “nodule,” a type of geode with a totally filled interior), placed over a thin sliver
backing, creating a weird mirror-like effect in rich gray and white tones. The pattern of crystal formation is highly symmetrical and suggestive of organic forms.

The front page bears, in a bold hand, a dedication:

To Mister Roger Carlyle,
I hope you find these words to be as inspiring as yours were to me at our last meeting. My regards to Anastasia
— Tyler.

There is no publisher or date of publication given.

Conelius Brought the book to a gemologist in London who examined the “geode” which clearly appears to be a cross section of a worm-like creature, unknown to science, curled in around itself. he also Identified the author as an avant-guarde poet of dubious reputation.

People of the Monolith

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