Selections De Livre D’Ivon

Language: French
Time to Read: 36 weeks

Physical Description:
A parchment bundle, 10” by 15”; 179 pages. The pages are obviously old, and have suffered from both the elements and the negligence of past owners. The most obvious damage to the work is that the back edge of each sheet is ragged — it appears the manuscript has been torn from some sort of binding. The work is handwritten and copiously illuminated with grotesque faces, obscene marginalia, and a recurring curious sigil resembling a triskelion.

Eric Swanson has been busy using a French-English dictionary trying to translate the book. (1 week)

Information Gleaned so far:
The book purports to be a commentary 1 on the Liber Ivonis (Book of Eibon), a work supposedly written by Eibon, a sorcerer in distant antiquity. The author of the commentary is one Gaspar du Nord, a self-proclaimed sorcerer from Averoigne, a region in south central France.

Selections De Livre D’Ivon

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